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Pre-qualification program for SWPC projects

Pre-qualification program for SWPC projects

Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) Announces the Launch of a Pre-qualification Program for Developers to develop its future projects in the sectors of Water Production Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants.

Program Overview:

The program will provide the opportunity to Local and International developers to obtain pre-qualification approval and receive Request for Proposal documents for its future projects listed below without the need to submit a separate qualification application for each project.

Program Objectives:

– Facilitate and expedite the developer pre-qualification process.

– Give the private sector sufficient time to form consortia.

– Enhance competitiveness in projects.

Saudi Water Partnership Company invites all developers interested in the opportunity for pre-qualification to develop its projects in the sectors of (water production plants and sewage treatment plants) to submit its interest Using the attached form, Note that the deadline to receive the SOQs (Statement of Qualification) before end of Thursday, July 4, 2024

Submission of Expression of Interest

Interested local and international developers are requested to fill and sign all following forms, then compile them into one single PDF document and email it to the relevant email:

ISTPPQ@SWPC.SA (For ISTPs Applications)

IWPPQ@SWPC.SA (For IWPs Applications)

with email subject (Expression of Interest for Pre-Qualification – {name of the Applicant})

Appendix A: the interested developer (“Applicant”) shall share this letter certifying its expression of interest with only updating the yellow highlighted parts to appropriate and suitable Applicant’s interest.

Appendix B: the Applicant shall share relevant information for SWPC’s information and Applicant shall not share irrelevant information. The purpose of this form is to have an understanding of Applicant’s business and set a principal point of contact which SWPC will use for future communications including the issuance of Request for Pre-Qualification documents to the Applicant in due course.

Next Step

– Once SWPC receives Applicant’s response to this EOI, SWPC will review Applicant’s response and accordingly share the Request for Pre-Qualification (“RFQ”) document to the email identified by Applicant in Appendix B. For any inquiries, Applicant shall email SWPC on the following email addresses:

ISTPPQ@SWPC.SA (For ISTPs Applications)

IWPPQ@SWPC.SA (For IWPs Applications)

List of Projects

Project Name

Type of project Capacity (m³/day) Expected Project Launch Date
Ras Al Khair 2 IWP 600,000


Ras Al Khair 3

IWP 400,000 2025
Tabuk 1 IWP 400,000


Shuqaiq 4

IWP 400,000 2025
Jazan 1 IWP 300,000


Riyadh East

ISTP 200,000 2024
Hadda ISTP 100,000



ISTP 250,000 2024
Abu Arish ISTP 50,000


South Najran

ISTP 50,000 2025
Hafar Al-Batin ISTP 50,000


Al Kharj

ISTP 50,000



Download the application form

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